Cherry Pie Kush

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Cherry Pie Kush is a masterful combination of three powerhouse parents. OG Kush, Urkle and Durban Poison are combined to create a delightful cannabis strain. It has great resin production, bright orange hairs and hues of purple. The sweet cherry aroma it possesses is comprised of a peppery grape and sour lemon layer. The smoke produced by Cherry Pie Kush is both smooth and creamy. Users describe Cherry Pie Kush as a creeper that keeps on creeping. Cherry Pie Kush is a sativa dominant hybrid and makes you feel energetic, cheerful and alert.

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Cherry Pie Kush (Hybrid)

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TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

THC: 14% to 23%

APPEARANCE: Cherry Pie Kush has a perfect mix of colorful hues, stacked orange hairs and impressive resin production.

SMELL: Cherry Pie Kush smells of sweet cherries, peppery grapes and sour lemons.

MEDICAL USE: Pain relief, appetite and stress.

SENSATIONS: When smoked Cherry Kush has a smooth taste thats feeling can be felt instantaneously. The high continues to elevate creeping up on you over the next few minutes. Soon you find yourself lost in an energetic, cheerful and alert high.

DURATION: Great high for around 2 hours.

SIMILAR STRAINS: Super Lemon Haze, Berry White and Vanilla Haze

Cherry Pie crops improve to the medium top with

Cherry Pie crops improve to the medium top with palmate leaves which are a mid-eco-friendly colour. The dense, sticky buds are mild inexperienced with purple tips and a masking of orange hairs. THC written content ranges from 16 to eighteen per cent.

It is actually considered to acquire originated in California, and, judging with the testimonials of individuals that get to make use of it, Cherry Pie is an enormous hit.

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The Cherry Pie pressure is really a indica dominant hybrid of Grand Daddy Purp and Duban Poison. Although it is hard to find the genuine Model of the particular medical marijuana pressure, it undoubtedly will not be difficult to believe that this is the greatest style of strain.


Indica dominant or pure Indica strains are generally shorter, far more compact and hardy. They frequently have bigger levels of CBD and usually mature more rapidly and finish before. These vegetation most frequently make a physique or “sofa-lock” stone.

The vast majority of report looks manufactured up by a stoner who probably smoked something named cherry pie, read or listened to some tales and considered they were an authority…

Consumer-noted information is not a substitute for health-related tips. Often look for the advice of the wellbeing Qualified ahead of making use of cannabis to get a healthcare condition.

The Cherry Pie pressure is understood predominately for its capacity to handle stress and stress and anxiety when giving discomfort relief for people. This strain is ideal for sufferers searching for a powerful Indica-dominant Hybrid which is the two strong and Tremendous tasty.